You have two car-buying options with Automotive Consultants: used or new. With the current economy and new car prices continuing to rise, car buyers are opting for quality used cars. With manufacturer incentives and a new car warranty, the choice between new or used comes down to what is the best scenario for you. Get our unbiased opinion!

When buying a new or used car, SUV, truck or mini van from anyone, it is important to ask the following questions:

  • Does the new or used car match your transportation needs? Will it be the right choice to meet all your present & future expectations? 
  • Will the used car pass a comprehensive State Inspection, include warranty and come with all the proper documentation? Are you allowed to take the used car, SUV, truck or mini van to a mechanic of your choice for a pre-buy check? 
  • Are you offered several easy payment options and service contracts with flexible terms and competitive rates tailored to fit your budget? 
  • Does the used vehicle you are interested in buying fit the Price / Value / Depreciation criteria? Ask Automotive Consultants for free advice on any used or new car purchase you are considering before you buy!

It is to your advantage to spend a few dollars to research the car's history. By logging onto CarFax, you'll be able to see the accident history, any odometer rollbacks and so on. This step could save you a lot of money.

There are quite a few things to check when buying a new or used car, truck, mini van or SUV, including the reputation of the dealer. With Automotive Consultants, you know you are getting a credible Qualified Dealer, that sells all makes and models of quality new and used vehicles.