How can I use Automotive Consultants to my advantage?

Easy as 1, 2, 3...

  1. Test drive and compare first - but don’t buy.

  2. Research your best deal including the total financial package.

  3. Contact The Car Buyer to make an appointment for a professional evaluation.

Is there an extra charge for your services?

This is the best part, all our marketing, networking and counseling expertise is absolutely FREE! When you decide to become a customer, everything is included in the price you are quoted. (Just add applicable tax and registration.)

Do I still get the factory warranty if I purchase a new vehicle?

Of course! Dealers do not warranty vehicles, manufactures do. When you buy from us, the same manufacturers warranties apply. In fact, we can even offer wholesale pricing on extended service contracts for your new vehicle.

Are you a franchised dealership?

Automotive Consultants is NOT a franchised dealership and does not represent any manufacturer so we are not authorized to perform recall or original factory warranty work, however, we are a New York State “Qualified Dealer.” What this means to you is that we are one of a few duly licensed State dealerships that are authorized to sell ANY make or model of new vehicle - not limited to just 1 or 2 particular brands.

Are you a broker or a dealer?

Depending on who you talk to: Manufacturers and some company dealers view us as a broker because we don’t carry their particular franchise. New York State recognizes Automotive Consultants as a "Qualified Dealer" #7011463 duly licensed to perform all facets of the sale transaction. We are also bonded, insured and have to abide by all New York State regulations.

Why should I do business with you?

It costs you nothing to get a second opinion. We simply quote one low price in our relaxed environment to help you make an educated and informed decision. We want the opportunity to earn your respect. We make the Total Automotive Experience uncharacteristically enjoyable!

If you are looking for the no pressure, stress-free Total Automotive Experience, contact Automotive Consultants today!